Top Realtors for 2015 – Helping the North Wales Community

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real estate in north wales pa

This year there have been plenty of people looking to sell their house – no easy task for the average homeowner, especially if you have little experience. Luxury homes can demand a lot of upfront work, research, and costs to get the goal accomplished. Even though recent Gallup polls have indicated that real estate is still one of the best long term investments according to Americans, it can be difficult to convince the right buyer to make their move.

When working with a top realtor such as Coldwell Banker Premier Properties, the process becomes much more streamlined. With years of experience and some of the top real estate agents in Pennsylvania, they have developed a supreme knowledge and competitive edge when it comes to real estate in North Wales PA. They have had the pulse of the community for quite some time now and when it comes to getting the very best market value for a home, they can’t be beat.

real estate in north wales pa

Even vacation home sales for example were on the upswing compared to a year ago, with a staggering 57.4% from the previous year. This means that people are not only looking to buy a house to serve as their main home, but more and more are interested in buying that second vacation-style property, a worthy long term investment. In fact, most Americans now favor real estate over gold and other investments across all age groups and genders. This is an interesting study that shows that people are still very interested in investing in real estate long term.

Coldwell Banker Premier Properties understands that buying and selling a new home should be a relaxing and easy experience. You are about to embark on an an adventure and the possibilities are limitless. They listen to their clients’ needs and pay attention to details. This philosophical points from Coldwell Banker are essential to being our clients’ perfect partner.

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) thinks 2015 could be the year those homeowners move out and move up. According to NAR, many would-be sellers have stayed put. Those who have stayed put previously because neighborhood sales wouldn’t support a change, or they are worried about leaving their current low-interest-rate mortgage, have now seen the spike in the value of their properties they have been waiting for to come to fruition. Now that home values have increased 25 percent over the past 3 years, on average, pent-up sellers are in a greater position to put their house up for sale.

If you are hungry for help, then it could be time to contact the right real estate agents to assist you with the selling of your home. Residents of North Wales, Colmar, Blue Bell, Ambler, and Lansdale PA can all contact the top North Wales realtor to take advantage of the #1 rated Coldwell Banker in Pennsylvania. Don’t wait too long, or market value and opportunity can change, or become far less ideal. Act now and contact our real estate agency today so that we can help you begin the next major phase of your life.

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